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     Stadium Sheet Metal has an 18,000 square foot shop that is designed to quickly fabricate the highest quality duct and fittings.  A project manager can send large duct orders from a CAD station in the office directly out to the plasma table or coil line.  We have the capability to run both TDC and S and drive duct directly off of the automated coil line.  Some of the other equipment we have invested in to improve productivity and decrease cost are listed below.

  • 20' plasma table

  • Automated coil line

  • TDC flange formers

  • Whisper-loc

  • 10' hydraulic shears

  • 175 ton Cincinnati  press brake

Common Materials

  • G90 galvanized steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • Black iron

  • Aluminum

  • Galvannealed

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